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The Model Synthesis for Ultrawideband Microwave Devices Using the Simulation Results of Electromagnetic Fields Scattering Process in Time Domain


Y.V. Kuznetsov, T.Y. Shevgunov, A.B. Baev

The approach to the synthesis of linear model describing the electromagnetic field scattering processes inside microwave devices is presented in this paper. The model considers the whole system as a composition of dynamic and non-dynamic linear systems. The technique of the impulse response estimation by the known input and output waveforms obtained by numerical time domain simulation of the scattering problem is demonstrated. The concept of stability criterion developed to perform a posteriori estimation of dynamic model order is expounded. Also the tools for stability criterion implementation have been considered. A basic mathematical concept of the matrix pencil method applied to the dynamic system parameter estimation in time domain is explained. The microwave coplanar resonator transmission line matrix (TLM) simulation results were used as initial data for applying the system identification approach.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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