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Product Signal Processing with Suppression of Local Objects Reflections in UWB MIMO Location Problems


© V.V. Chapursky

The perspective direction of development of location systems with radiation of electromagnetic or acoustic sounding signals is application of spatially multichannel construction. In radio communication and radar systems such construction is designated by abbreviation MIMO (Multiple Input – Multiple Output). In the given work multichannel signals processing algorithms in MIMO radars on the basis of new statistics as a product of back projections on the bistatic range profiles for all pairs «transmitting element - receiving element» in the spatially multichannel antenna system are proposed . Essential feature of the offered multiplicative algorithms of spatial focussing is their association with the algorithm of suppression of local subjects reflections and moving objects detection. The product and the sum back projections processing algorithms with moving objects detection for two kind of UWB multifrequency sounding signals are received. Those are a monopulse multifrequency signal and a step FM signal. On the basis of calculation of output system signal function modulus in a Cartesian coordinates plane the comparison of efficiency of multiplicative and classical additive processing algorithms for MIMO radar with the sparse antenna system consisting of two pairs of "transmitter - receiver" elements located on the ends of bistatic base about 10 waves lengths is carried out. This estimation has confirmed the essential superiority of new multiplicate algorithms of the processing over classical additive algorithms regarding improvement of resolution and essential reduction of side and grating lobes of system signal function, both at supervision of motionless objects and at moving objects detection on a background from motionless local objects reflections. In the case of supervision of the targets having various intensity of received signals on the basis of multiplicative statistics preliminary nonlinear processing of delay profiles for alignment of levels of weak and strong responses is required.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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