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Biorevitalization by means of low-frequency ultrasound

DOI 10.18127/j15604136-201906-08


V.M. Gorshkova –
Ph.D. (Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, Department “Medical and Technical Information Technology” (BMT-2);
Associate Professor,
Department of the Chemistry, Bauman Moscow State Technical University
N.N. Dvulichanskaya –
Ph.D. (Eng.), Dr.Sc. (Ped.), Professor, Department “Chemistry”, Bauman Moscow State Technical University
S.V. Alkov –
Ph.D. (Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, Department “Medical and Technical Information Technology” (BMT-2);
Dean of the Faculty “Radio Electronics and Laser Technology”, Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Skin biorevitalization during human aging is an urgent problem of modern aesthetic medicine. Today, biorevitalization of hyalouranic acid is carried out by injection, this method (injection) is painful, brings discomfort to patients, there is a risk of infection of patients with various diseases: HIV, hepatitis, etc.
Development of technology for non-invasive and painless skin biorevitalization using low-frequency ultrasound.
Experimental studies were carried out:
a) a study of the effect of low-frequency ultrasound on a 1% aqueous solution of hyalouranic acid;
b) during the spectral analysis of the studied solutions the following results were obtained: low-frequency ultrasound with a low level of intensity does not destroy the structure of a 1% aqueous solution of hyalouranic acid; under the influence of low-frequency ultrasound on the system “drug substance (HA) -biological tissue (skin)” there is no skin damage, there is no violation of the integrity of the skin, there is no risk of iatrogenic infection with HIV, hepatitis, etc. Patients do not experience severe pain; the results obtained indicate a significant improvement in the condition of age-related skin. Further studies will make it possible to optimize the technological parameters of ultrasonic treatment of the hyalouranic acid-skin system in order to obtain a cumulative effect and prolonged action of skin moisturizing and rejuvenation.
The development of biorevitalization technology for skin using low-frequency ultrasound will make the biorevitalization process comfortable and painless, as well as get rid of the risk of iatrogenic infection. Improve the quality of life of patients.

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