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Ultrawideband dipole antennas with a special feed circuit

DOI 10.18127/j20700784-201910-03


К.А. Vlasov – Technician 1st cat., JSC «Concern «Vega» (Moscow)
S.Ju. Zaikonnikov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Deputy Director General for Research, OJSC «MNIIS» (Moscow)
V.F. Los’ – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Senior Research Scientist, Leading Research Scientist, JSC «Concern «Vega» (Moscow)
S.V. Semenov – Technician 2st cat., Post-graduate Studentт, JSC «Concern «Vega» (Moscow)
А.N. Shamanov – Head of Department,  OJSC «MNIIS» (Moscow)

The planar dipole antenna, an antenna feed of which is differs from the known variants of the classical symmetric dipole by a new method of excitation, is considered. In the absence of absorbing materials in the design of the proposed antenna, the bandwidth of its has a frequency overlap band over the range of more than 10:1. Also under the this criterion a proposed dipole is a ultra wide band antenna. With regard to a radiation pattern the said bandwidth is not so wide. Performance in both the frequency domain and time domain for this antenna has been investigated and revealed its a substantiale feature in comparison with usual dipole antennas as for polarization behavior and gain in presence of a conductive plane. This features of a proposed dipole allows recommend its as new alternative candidate for efficient using in existing and new frequency ranges of information systems.

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