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Managing the choice of design solutions for software implementation of the logical control functions

DOI 10.18127/j00338486-201909(14)-14


V.N. Negoda – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Associate Professor, Professor, Department of Computing Machinery, Ulyanovsk State Technical University
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A.V. Lylova – Senior Lecturer, Department of Computing Machinery, Ulyanovsk State Technical University
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The process of managing the choice of design solutions for software implementation of the logical control functions is considered. In this process, the initial and implementation representations of functional dependencies are separated. For each initial representation of the functional dependence, many implementation ones are constructed, which, in turn, are divided into interpreted and directly executed. An interpreted representation is a data set that, when calculating the values of functions, is fed to the input of an interpreter oriented to a given type of representation. A directly executable view is most often an automatically generated program, although sometimes created manually. For each implementation representation, an analytical assessment of the criteria parameters is formed. The main criteria parameters are the computational time and memory. Estimates are built for various potential target hardware and software platforms. All design decisions are sorted by the value of the criterion parameters and then, by the method of exclusion, the space of design decisions narrows. Estimates of the criteria parameters are represented by intervals of possible values. The paper presents the logical-algebraic models that underlie the specifications of design decisions.

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