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Prototyping the behavior of logical control systems objects in Web-based CAD

DOI 10.18127/j00338486-201909(14)-13


V.N. Negoda – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Associate Professor, Professor, Department «Computing Machinery», Ulyanovsk State Technical University
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Prototyping the behavior of objects of logical control systems in a web-client environment involves the organization of parametrically controlled animations. The parameter values are calculated by the programs for implementing the logical control functions executed on the server-side. The paper proposes a set of technical solutions that provide high labor productivity for both developers of logic control functions implementation programs and behavior prototype developers. This is achieved by unifying the specifications of the input and output data of the server-side programs. These programs are console and not interactive. On the server-side, each such program is associated with input.txt and output.txt files, into which console data streams are redirected. The client-side behavior program interprets the formalized specifications contained in the tasks.json file, creates variables in the space of the task being implemented using Javascript, and transfers the data of the input.txt and output.txt files to these variables.
For each client-side logical control function implementation program, a function for generating arrays of JavaScript objects is developed. Each object contains the show() function and several parameters that define actions with graphic objects on the screen. These actions cover the appearance and disappearance of graphic objects, changing their position, size, shape, color, etc. The technical solutions described in this work support the aggregation of sequences of animated objects into states. In this case, one task is associated with a group of states.

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