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Results of manufacturing of a prototype set of ferrite-dielectric rod radiators for APAA of a perspective radar

DOI 10.18127/j03209601-201905-05


P. L. Batov – Deputy Head of Experimental Design Bureau, PJSC «Scientific-production association «Almaz» (Moscow)
E. N. Gurkin – Deputy Head of Special Design Bureau,  PJSC «Scientific-production association «Almaz» (Moscow)
S. O. Knyazev – Leading engineer, PJSC «Scientific-production association «Almaz» (Moscow)
D. L. Borisevitch – Deputy Head of Department, JSC «ZRTO» (St. Petersburg)

Previously, the basic requirements for AFAR emitters of the promising radar, their construction schemes have been identified, and the results of experimental testing of a small batch of emitters manufactured at the JSC “ZRTO” as a part of the prototyping stage have been obtained. This article discusses the urgent issues of manufacturing circular polarization emitters for AFAR in mass production.
The aim of the article is to consider the issues of measuring the characteristics of the emitter, influence of various effects, controlling the repeatability of these characteristics in mass production, as well as the issues of evaluating the timing of the manufacture of the emitter in an amount of more than 30,000 pieces.
A set of test samples of radiators has been manufactured and exposed to vibration and climatic testing. The results of this testing are mainly positive. So, vibration and humidity impacts haven’t shown noticeable degradation of characteristics. But thermal impact has detected axial ratio and loss increase at low temperatures. Such behavior is a result of influence of gaps in magnetic system of polarizer. Nonetheless, this fact shouldn’t be considered as a serious defect, because during the work, when antenna system is switched on, temperature of radiators is positive. Also time constraints of manufacturing have been estimated. The time interval required for making a set of more than 37 thousands radiators is about one year.

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May 29, 2020

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