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Possibilities for constructing of dual-polarized antenna systems for linear radiocenters of professional mobile radio networks

DOI 10.18127/j03209601-201905-02


I. V. Doroshchenko - Post-graduate Student, Volga State University of Telecommunications and Informatics (Samara)

To ensure the possibility of radiation and reception of electromagnetic waves of different polarizations - linear vertical and horizontal, as well as circular, several antenna systems were considered, which are two orthogonal radiators of various configurations. A study was made of these antennas and antenna arrays based on them, which allow receiving and emitting waves of different polarizations, as well as having a low non-uniformity factor DN in the azimuth plane.
Technical solution is presented that allows reducing the influence of metal elements of the AR structure on its characteristics. The optimization of the geometric parameters of the AR was performed in order to ensure optimal characteristics according to the specified criteria.
An annular antenna array based on a combination of narrow-band emitters, in particular, Uda-Yagi antennas, operating in two frequency bands and having a high gain, was developed and investigated. In addition, this antenna has a circular pattern in the azimuthal plane with a permissible irregularity coefficient, and is also capable of receiving and emitting electromagnetic waves of linear vertical and horizontal polarizations, which allows its use in professional mobile radio networks.

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