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Аssessment of the reliability of the displayed information when sending e-mail messages

DOI 10.18127/j19997493-201903-05


B.S. Goryachkin– Ph.D.(Eng.), Associate Professor, Department «Information Processing and Control Systems», Bauman Moscow State Technical University
A.E. Nagiyev— Master of the second year, Department «Information Processing and Control Systems», Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Problem definition: A user who uses email constantly needs to maximize certainty when displaying text and images. It is necessary that the user does not feel discomfort while reading the letters, so that the user is comfortable using e-mail. Convenience is achieved by minimizing errors during message delivery.
Purpose: Determining the degree of confidence to minimize the likelihood of errors during data transmission through the use of e-mail.
Results: The current article describes an error when sending messages using mail services. An algorithm for calculating errors for various network parameters (types of communication lines, number of transit sections), as well as indicators of the occurrence of broken bits in network servers and their components, at all levels of the OSI protocol stack using various data transfer protocols is presented. Then the largest and smallest error that can occur when sending, receiving and displaying messages using the technologies used at all levels of the data transfer hierarchy was calculated, and a network element was found on which an error was most likely to occur and the information would be transmitted via mail services inaccurately or will not be transferred.
Practical significance: The proposed analysis can be used as a server configuration method with increased fault tolerance, which can be important when building a data network.

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