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Method for determining location and angles of orientation of the aircraft relating to the exting-land band using the optical electronic system

DOI 10.18127/j15604128-201904-03


A.E. Guzeev – Lecturer,  Krasnodar highest military aviation college of pilots of a name of A.K. Serov

Due to the errors of the existing systems for determining the spatial and angular position of the aircraft, it is impossible to provide a system for automatic control of precision information about its position parameters relative to the runway, and therefore, the task of automating the landing becomes impracticable. Novel method proposed for the location determination of the aircraft relative to the runway. The method is based on registering the radiation of laser beacons, processing their digitized image in optical-location units and calculating the coordinates of the location of the aircraft. A device that implements this method includes both ground and side parts. The ground part consists of two sources of radiation - laser beacons. The composition of the side part includes two receivers, a computer. Practical significance is based on the use of landing parameters, measured with increased accuracy. The practical possibility of automating the landing process and increasing the likelihood of keeping the aircraft within the permissible values of range, height and lateral deviation in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 51747-2001 is provided.
The rapid development of aviation, the increase in speeds and altitudes of flight, the expansion of the range of its tasks, places high demands on the air navigation crew at all stages of flight. The key role in this is assigned to the landing stage of the aircraft, in which the crew needs to continuously monitor and analyze the testimony of a large number of instruments affecting the crew’s final decision to control the aircraft.
Automation of the crew’s activity at the landing stage is the only possible way to improve flight safety, expand the scope of all-weather use and reduce the requirements for the landing deck and impact loads when landing. Existing aircraft control systems do not allow for the required level of automated processing of precision information, which ultimately affects the task of automating the crew’s activities during the landing of the aircraft.
One of the most promising areas of development of robotics is the use of technical vision systems, which provides perception of video information about the environment, automatic processing and analysis of images of the working space in order to generate control signals of an object. The application of the vision method in aircraft control systems at the landing stage is highly relevant.
In the course of the research conducted by the author, a method was developed for measuring the position of an aircraft relative to the runway, which includes the corresponding methodological and mathematical instruments, as well as a device that implements it. Thus, the article reveals the main provisions of this method, and the mathematical apparatus provides objective confirmation of the expediency of its use. In turn, within the framework of this mathematical apparatus, the positions of vector algebra, geometry, and also mathematical analysis were used.

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May 29, 2020

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