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Prospects for the development of video control systems with limitations of information processing in operating conditions on rocket and space technology products

DOI 10.18127/j20700784-201908-06


D.I. Klimov – Engineer–Researcher, JSC «Russian Space Systems»

It is proposed to build video monitoring systems for rocket and space technology products in order to further improve the chosen
research direction. Visual inspection helps to quickly detect abnormal or emergency situations and in some cases helps to eliminate a number of abnormal situations arising in the operation of rocket and space technology products.
The main assumptions and limitations in the design of video control systems for operation on rocket and space technology products are considered: the required field of view; bandwidth of transmition of information by the channel «Board-Earth»; binding to the existing standards of information transfer; limitation on the size of the information flow.
The main purpose of creating a video control system for spacecraft and launch vehicles is to control the most important processes occurring in space, accompanying the movement of spacecraft and launch vehicles
The dependence of the angle of view of the lens on the focal length on the example of the photo-recording device CMOS matrix is considered.
The bandwidth of the channel is determined by the bandwidth used in the transmission, the type of modulation and the degree of remoteness of the rocket and space equipment from the ground station.
Binding to the existing standards of information transmission is necessary to use the video monitoring system within the existing ground infrastructure without creating new receiving stations, as well as to unify the methods of organization the transmit-receive path.
The limitation on the size of the information flow is the main limitation in the development of the principles of video transmission processing on the channel «Board-Earth».
The materials presented in the publication will help to develop video monitoring systems in operation on rocket and space technology products with restrictions for various tasks and objects of observation.

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