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Resonators based on nonreciprocal structures

DOI 10.18127/j20700784-201905-06


Е.S. Ustinova – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Senior Lecturer, Department «Information and Electronic Service», Volga State University Service

A study was made of the parameters of resonators constructed on the basis of waveguiding structures, including nonreciprocal medium, electromagnetic, and acoustic. The dependence of the resonant frequencies of resonators filled with nonreciprocal medium media on the degree of nonreciprocity of the medium is established. The shift of the resonant frequency increases with increasing mode index. Introduction to resonators of media with nonreciprocal parameters significantly expands the capabilities of resonant structures in controlling their parameters and is of practical interest.
The conditions and features of interference in media and structures with nonreciprocal properties for direct and reverse waves are established. It is shown that well-known standing waves are a special case of a spatially modulated wave process in non-reciprocal structures and media. The nonreciprocity of parameters leads to a change in the distances between the nodes and between the anti-nodes and the nature of oscillations in the resonators: instead of the usually in-phase oscillatory process at all points of the standing wave located between adjacent nodes, there is a wave process. A gyromagnetic resonator with magnetization is considered. It is shown that in the structure the mode of natural oscillations is a dynamic standing waves. The parameters of the resonator in a wide range vary with changing magnitude of the bias field.
Methods are proposed for using the properties of various structures with nonreciprocal parameters in measuring equipment.
The parameters of one-dimensional and two-dimensional resonators filled with media with nonreciprocal parameters are considered. The motion of the medium along the cavity axis, regardless of the direction of the velocity, leads to a decrease in the resonant frequency of all the modes of the resonator.
The influence of the motion of the boundaries of the resonator and the medium inside its cavity on the change in the resonant  frequencies of the modes of the resonator is considered.

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