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Balanced Vivaldy antenna with improved matching in ultrawideband range

DOI 10.18127/j20700784-201905-04


A.N. Zhukov – Head of Sector, JSC «VNIIEM» (Moscow); Assistant, Department of Telecommunications and Radio Engineering, Russian Technological University (MIREA)
E-mail: Alexanjuko@ma[
R.V. Zhukov – Engineer, JSC «VNIIEM» (Moscow); Graduate Student, Russian Technological University (MIREA)
V.F. Los’ – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math), Senior Research Scientist, Leading Research Scientist, JSC «Radio Engineering Corporation «Vega» (Moscow)
S.S. Rozhkov – Engineer, JSC «VNIIEM» (Moscow); Graduate Student, Russian Technological University (MIREA)
P.A. Serpilin – Head of Sector, JSC «VNIIEM» (Moscow)

Investigation results of a known balanced Vivaldy antenna with the new form of matching elements in its coaxial feeding line are pre-sented. The optimization of a matching element geometry has been carry out what allow to do diminish a voltage standing-wave
ratio in operational frequency band on antenna input in comparison with known ones. The proposed antenna exhibit an bandwidth in terms of input impedance matching at 10 dB return-loss level suitable for multi-protocol WLAN/WiMAX/UWB wireless communications and for other applications, as in space or aircraft radio complex with perspective videopulse synthetic aperture radar for earth
remote sensing. Results of numerical simulation of 3D radiation patterns on frequencies 4, 12 and 18 GHz are presented.
It is study also two new variants of balanced antennas with wider apertures for frequencies range (0,5…5,0) and (1…10) GHz,
for which determined such characteristics as SWR, directivity and the radiation pattern width. Matching characteristics of the antenna for frequency range (0,5…5,0) GHz are compared with ones of known the petal-shaped radiator of special configuration which is
excited by single polarity ultra-wideband pulse and radiates electromagnetic pulse with effective duration of about 1 ns. It is show what by almost the same SWR values the new balanced antenna Vivaldi have lateral area one-fourth as many as petal-shaped radiator.


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