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Using the method of equivalent propagation constant for calculation of two-component field in three-layer structure

DOI 10.18127/j15604128-201902-01


I.A. Konnikov – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Saint Petersburg

The article presents a solution to an applied problem which involves a computation of the horizontal and vertical components of the potential of the field in a plane-layered (three layer) medium. Such a medium represents a microstrip line on a metallised dielectric plate. The boundary conditions for the electric and vector magnetic potentials are formulated; mathematical models of the three layer medium are obtained for both the components of the potential, the models can be employed for solving a broad range of problems; formulae for the equivalent relative dielectric permeability and for the equivalent relative magnetic permeability are obtained for the electric potential and both the components of the vector magnetic potential. Organizing the computational process in the computer aided design system is considered in brief. The article can be treated as an elucidatory instance of employing the proposed technique of the equivalent propagation constant for the small distance domain.

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