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Molecular structure and water-degradation properties of polylactide and composite polylactide-based coatings deposited from the active gas phase

DOI 10.18127/j22250980-201901-04


A.A. Rogachev – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Belarusian state university of transport (Gomel’, Republic Belarus)
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Typical features of the molecular structure, orientation of macromolecules of polylactide (PL) coating, their changes when silver na-noparticles are introduced into the volume were examinated by FTIR, FTIR-ATR spectroscopy in polarized light and atomic force mi-croscopy. The PL coatings deposited from the electron-beam dispersion products have a mainly amorphous structure with the orientation of the PL macromolecules in the interface up to 100 nm thick parallel to the substrate surface. During the deposition of silver-containing PL coatings, a higher content of silver nanoparticles was established when dispersing a mixture of polymer and silver nitrate under conditions of its assisting with laser radiation with  = 266 nm and heating the coating to a temperature above 200 °C. Coatings are characterized by a high rate of hydrolytic degradation, leading to the formation of a porous structure. A high tendency of coatings to hydrolytic degradation and swelling were established, which allows to recommend such layers to create multicomponent systems with controlled release of drug components from the polymer matrix.

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