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The main program of technology development and the acquisition of new weapons systems and military equipment

DOI 10.18127/j19998465-201901-05


B.M. Kovalev – Ph.D.(Eng.), Chairman of the Board of Directors, LLC «Aerospace technologies» (Moscow)
A.K. Krasnikov – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, Deputy Head of Staff Training and Retraining Scientific and Tutorial Center, JSC «Concern «Morinsys-Agat» (Moscow)
E.S. Novikov – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, Program Main Designer – Head of Staff Training and Retraining Scientific  and Tutorial Center, JSC «Concern «Morinsys-Agat» (Moscow)

The submissions in the following main areas of military R&D performed in the United States: design and development of technologies for the modernization of strategic nuclear triad; new concepts and technologies for conducting electronic warfare in the entire elec-tromagnetic spectrum; electronic warfare equipment for combat UAVs; prospective AIRCRAFT, including hypersonic; advanced jet engines (LPRE + WFD) for aerospace AIRCRAFT; Autonomous system the ATA, including with artificial intelligence that can reliably and safely execute complex tasks in all combat domains; advanced jet engines (LRE + WFD) for aerospace AIRCRAFT; human-machine systems and interfaces; small UAVs (multifunctional swarms of UAVS with a high degree of autonomy and artificial intelligence; air platforms – «aircraft carriers» for the delivery of UAVS to the target, reverse reception and refueling); air, ground and sea platforms (design, integration, survivability, mobility, modularity and maintainability of manned and unmanned air, ground and sea platforms); development of new technologies for the creation of new kinetic and energy weapons, etc.

June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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