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Changing priorities in the development of weapons and military equipment in the United States

DOI 10.18127/j19998465-201901-04


B.M. Kovalev – Ph.D.(Eng.), Chairman of the Board of Directors, LLC «Aerospace technologies» (Moscow)
A.K. Krasnikov – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, Deputy Head of Staff Training and Retraining Scientific and Tutorial Center, JSC «Concern «Morinsys-Agat» (Moscow)
E.S. Novikov – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, Program Main Designer – Head of Staff Training and Retraining Scientific  and Tutorial Center, JSC «Concern «Morinsys-Agat» (Moscow)

It is shown that the financing of military research and development in the United States is stable and growing in recent years. Applied R & d funding is increasing. Since 2019, the us Department of defense has funded R & d in the following promising areas: underwater systems; electronic warfare; big data processing and analysis; hypersound; modern (nano)materials; energy sources and engines; robotics and Autonomous systems; advanced sensors; high-performance computing systems. The possibilities of military use of new technologies, including commercial ones, are evaluated as they appear, in order to maintain a constant superiority over potential op-ponents. Technical measures are being considered to modernize and develop existing IWT systems in order to preserve the viability and efficiency of existing capabilities for as long as possible. The priority directions of military research and development are given.

June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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