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Principles of construction and use of stations of tropospheric-satellite communication in the communication system of power departments

DOI 10.18127/j20700784-201812-34


Yu.E. Vekshin – Head of Management Department, JSC «SPE «Radiosvyaz» (Krasnoyarsk)
I.A. Lipatov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Head of Laboratory of Management Department, JSC «SPE «Radiosvyaz» (Krasnoyarsk)
V.M. Nikolayenko – Ph.D. (Eng.), Leading Research Scientist, Management Department, FGBU 16 TsNIII MO RF (Mytishchi)
V.M. Zhuzhoma – Ph.D. (Eng.), Chief, FGBU 16 TsNIII MO RF (Mytishchi)
R.G. Galeev – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), General Director, JSC «SPE «Radiosvyaz» (Krasnoyarsk)
А.N. Frolov – Deputy Technical Director, JSC «SPE «Radiosvyaz» (Krasnoyarsk)

The tendency on creation of mobile terminals with integration of satellite and tropospheric communication modes is defined. This is facilitated by the close achievable characteristics of satellite and tropospheric communications lines by bandwidth (about 2…20 Mbit/s), noise immunity, coincidence of frequency ranges (C, X and Ku) and mobility (the time of terminals deployment is about 15 min). The widespread introduction of tropospheric communication with arranging the direct communication at a distance of 100…300 km will provide a significant unloading of the spacecrafts communications repeaters. At the same time, satellite communications channels are advisable to be used for communication in the most important directions. These conclusions are an important prerequisite for the in-tegration of satellite and tropospheric communications in a single coherent complex.
Combining tropospheric and satellite modes of operation in one integrated object is possible by options:
option 1. Simple combining of means, for example, satellite communications stations of the R-444-PTU type and tropospheric com-munications stations of the R-423-PM type;
option 2. Combining modes of tropospheric stations (TRS) and satellite communications with integration of power supply system, water-interface equipment, office communication, control system of the complex.
option 3. Combining the modes based on the use of a unified antenna, unified multi-mode modem, unified transmission path, etc. The modes are used only by turns. The implementation is considered when used in tropospheric lines (TRL) in 8,4 GHz band.

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