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Development of a small-sized satellite communication station of centimeter range for surface ships of 1–4 ranks

DOI 10.18127/j20700784-201812-12


A.S. Butikov – Leading Design Engineer, JSC «SPE «Radiosvyaz» (Krasnoyarsk)
K.V. Litau – Head of Sector, JSC «SPE «Radiosvyaz» (Krasnoyarsk)
A.S. Nuyakshev – Leading Design Engineer, JSC «SPE «Radiosvyaz» (Krasnoyarsk)
A.A. Popovich – Deputy General Director, JSC «SPE «Radiosvyaz» (Krasnoyarsk)
A.N. Frolov – Deputy Technical Director, JSC «SPE «Radiosvyaz» (Krasnoyarsk)

Progress of modern technologies in the provision of communication services and electronic warfare equipment requires to ensure a stable, high-speed, jam-resistant communication. This issue is particularly acute when organizing communications for groups of warships performing special-purpose missions.
Based on the information received from specialists of the Navy, it was concluded that, with the exception of ships of rank 1 and 2, the various fleets of the Russian Navy have a shortage of communications that are guaranteed to provide communication in conditions of active influence by means of electronic countermeasure with the required speeds.
In this regard, the enterprise «SPE «Radiosvyaz», on its own initiative, developed the complex of satellite communications stations «Ladya-NK», built on the basis of the most advanced circuit design solutions, signal-code constructions, as well as using modern ma-terials for the construction of antenna modules and other designs.
The main advantages of the «Ladya-NK» station are the presence of jam-resistant operation modes, ensuring the provision of stable uninterrupted communication in real combat conditions, the possibility of oncoming work with stations of the old and new generation, including promising developments like «Blagovest», as well as weight and size characteristics that provide the ability to install the station on ships of 1-4 ranks.
Based on the experience of the company in developing ship earth stations and the tactical and technical requirements agreed with the Navy specialists, it was decided to develop the following versions of the «Ladya-NK» stations:
1. «Ladya-NK1» – station with interchangeable antenna modules of 4/6 GHz and 7/8 GHz bands;
2. «Ladya-NK2» – station of 4/6 GHz range, with two antenna modules (for the left and right sides of the surface ship);
3. «Ladya-NK3» – station of 7/8 GHz range, with two antenna modules (for the left and right sides of the surface ship).
The «Ladya-NK1» stations include one antenna post and replaceable antenna modules ensuring the station operation either in the 4/6 GHz range or in the 7/8 GHz range.
Due to the peculiarities of the placement of antenna modules and the lack of free space on most ships, the installation of the
«Ladya-NK1» station with one antenna module is not possible for all ships. To solve this problem, the stations «Ladya-NK2» and «Ladya-NK3» have been developed, which have in their composition two antenna modules and allow them to be installed on ships according to the scheme «larboard» – «starboard» or «bow» – «stern».
The developed stations of the «Ladya-NK» complex guaranteed to provide jam-resistant communication in conditions of active influence by means of electronic countermeasure both with forces at sea and with all controls, connections and military units operating in the closed segment of the data network of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the weight and size characteristics of the stations allow them to be installed on warships of 1–4 ranks, including auxiliary vessels.

June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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