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Legal regulation of crypto-currencies and their implementation on the basis of national information security standards

DOI 10.18127/j19998465-201811-10


E.A. Tarapanova – Ph.D.(Philosoph.), Associate Professor, Department «Information Security»,
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
P.V. Ivannikov – Student, Department «Information Security», Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Article considered the problem of legislative regulation of crypto-currencies in various countries, including in the Russian Federation. Active development of the crypto currency as a new trend in the socio-economic sphere of life should be accompanied by organizational and legal regulation by the state. In addition, the article proposes an approach to building a national cryptocurrency based on the national cryptographic standard, taking into account modern Proof-of-Work algorithms. The obtained results allow us to speak about the possibility of adapting the computer network of the cryptocurrency under consideration on the basis of various devices – from telephones to servers.

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