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Modification of the method of non-gradient random search for optimization of the structure of radio electronic complexes

DOI 10.18127/j00338486-201811-24


S.G. Chulyuk – Ph.D.(Eng.), General Designer of IFF Systems; Deputy General Director of JSC «NPO «Radioelectronica» named after V.I. Shimko (Kazan)

When creating electronic complexes, effective methods are important for choosing optimal parameters and structure of technical devices, especially in the case when all possible variants of the structure can not be ordered by the value of the chosen efficiency index.More rational in this situation can be the use of various algorithms built on the principle of random search, among which algorithms based on the method of non-gradient random search are more preferable.
The effectiveness of well-known algorithms of non-gradient random search can be improved by more complete use of a posteriori in-formation obtained from a series of experiments.
To improve the stability of the search process and improve the dynamics, a modified method of non-gradient random search is pro-posed. The method provides a reduction in the dispersion variance of estimates of the probabilities of the choice of structures for testing at the next optimization step. The article presents the results of a comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of a modified algorithm in comparison with an existing one.

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May 29, 2020

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