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Analysis of the quality of algorithms for optimal space-time signal processing in the presence of errors in determining the range to the target

DOI 10.18127/j00338486-201811-21


S.P. Barinov – Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Engineering, Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, Deputy General Director of Research and Development, JSC «Kaluga Scientific Research Radio Engineering Institute»
Yu.I. Maevsky – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), General Designer of REW System, Deputy General Director on Research and Development, JSC «KRET»
V.I. Sergeev – Ph.D.(Eng.), Dr.Sc.Candidate, MESC «Zhukovsky–Gagarin Air Force Academy» (Voronezh)

In the synthesis and analysis of algorithms for optimal spatiotemporal signal processing in the application to multi-position radar systems (Rlsi) is used the assumption that the range to the observed objects (primarily to the targets and sources of external interference) are known. However, in most practical cases, these ranges can be known with errors that lead to a decrease in the quality of processing algorithms. In the literature known to the author, insufficient attention is paid to the analysis of the quality of algorithms for optimal space-time signal processing in the presence of errors in determining the range to the target, which determines the relevance of this article.
The purpose of this article is to estimate the influence of errors of determining the distance to the target on indicators of quality of the algorithms of optimal spatio-temporal signal processing in a networked radar systems.
To achieve this goal, the article solves two main tasks:
synthesis of algorithms of optimal spatio-temporal signal processing in the network, Rlsi for the case where the reception signal and simulating the interference is carried out on the background of noise interference type of white Gaussian noise generated by an external point source, and the internal noise;
assessment of the impact of errors in determining the range to the target on the quality of the network Rlsi in terms of «signal-to-noise ratio».
In order to solve the first problem with the use of universal models of signals, simulating and noise interference, the algorithms of optimal processing are synthesized and analytical expressions for the calculation of the signal-to-noise ratio at the output of the network Rlsi are obtained.
In solving the second problem, the numerical method is used to calculate the average value of the signal-to-noise ratio, normalized to the maximum achievable, from the relative error of determining the range to the target in the absence and presence of one external source of interference. In the calculations it was assumed that the distribution law of the error in determining the range to the target is normal. It is shown that the quality of processing in terms of «signal-to-noise ratio» is reduced by more than 10 times at the value of the relative mean square error in determining the range to the target (4…5)%. To parry the negative impact of these errors, it is proposed to implement a multi-channel signal reception with a strobe duration at a range not exceeding (0.3…0.5)% of the target range.

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