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The scattering of radio impulses ideally carrying out mirror and asymmetric wire element

DOI 10.18127/j00338486-201811-10


S.N. Razinkov – Dr.Sc.(Phys.-Math.), Senior Research Scientist, Leading Research Scientist, Radio-Electronic Struggle RTC of MESC «Zhukovsky–Gagarin Air Force Academy» (Voronezh)
O.E. Razinkova – Ph.D.(Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, Radio-Electronic Struggle RTC of MESC «Zhukovsky–Gagarin Air Force Academy» (Voronezh)

In this paper on the basis of the numerical solution of the integral and differential equations with existential operators the method of consecutive advance on time carried out the analysis of secondary radiation of radio impulses on the opened thin ring with perpendicular its planes pieces at edges of a gap. Influence of analytical properties of the bending-around and time-and-frequency parameters of the irradiating signals on the power chart of dispersion of object is investigated. These elements in are basic components of artificial meta-materials with anisotropic reflective properties.
The solution of the equations is executed by Gauss's method at consecutive advance on time with approximation of existential distribution of equivalent axial currents and charges of an object the work of the sequences of piecewise and constant functions. For calculation of derivatives of distribution of currents and charges differential schemes at the ratio of intervals of sampling of a surface of the lens and a step on time meeting a condition of stability of system of the linear algebraic equations of rather complex amplitudes of currents in points of sampling of existential area are realized. The step on time was determined by the theorem of counting of V.A. Kotelnikov for the upper bound of an equivalent strip of cyclic frequencies of the irradiating radio impulse.
It is established that scattered radio impulses have anisotropy distribution in the azimuth plane. The provision of a maximum of the pow-er chart of dispersion of object at radiation from outer side of a rupture of a ring in counter direction on radiation source. Density of a stream of energy of secondary radiation of a radio impulse with Gaussian bending around in the direction of its arrival is less than values at dispersion of a rectangular radio impulse, owing to the smaller electric extent of object. At reduction of length of the attached pieces the level of field in the direction of radiation monotonously decreases; in the power chart of scattering of the opened ring the failure which depth increases in process of gain of the cyclic frequency bearing the irradiating signal is formed. Change of the direction of arrival of a signal in the azimuthal plane on opposite leads to the change of angular dependence of secondary radiation in the azimuth plane characteristic of the chart of dispersion of the planar mirror and asymmetric element excited by a monochromatic wave.

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