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Method of using of «Lidar» technology in photogrammetric coordinate measuring system

DOI 10.18127/j20700814-201810-03


D.A. Roschin - Ph.D.(Eng.), Research Scientist, 3 CRI of DoD RF (Moscow)

The article describes a method of extending the functionality of the photogrammetric coordinate measuring system by using the technology of laser scanning of objects in space. The proposed method makes it possible to implement this technology through the use of a laser scanning rangefinder. Experimental verification of the experimental sample of the photogrammetric coordinate-measuring system equipped with this technology is carried out for the possibility of performing the function assigned to it for the construction of three-dimensional images.
Photogrammetric coordinate measuring system is designed to recognize objects, as well as to determine the geometric parameters (shape, size, spatial position) and other properties of objects from their images. This small and multifunctional measuring system can be used to solve a wide range of problems arising in various fields of human activity. For example, in the process of construction when performing geodetic works, assessment of deformation processes of buildings, bridges and other structures, or during a wide range of tests of technical means and structures. It can also be used to ensure the safety of transportation systems.
The purpose of this work is the further development of the photogrammetric coordinate measuring system and the ex-pansion of its functionality through the use of technology «Lidar». This technology will speed up the process of creating three-dimensional images, making it more accessible to determine the numerical characteristics of the surface of objects. It will also significantly simplify the assessment of deviations of object surfaces from the nominal shape.
Thus, the use of «Lidar» technology in photogrammetric coordinate measuring system allows to expand its functionality and significantly accelerates the process of creating three-dimensional images. This function is extremely important when solving measurement problems in near real time.

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May 29, 2020

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