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Software of processing of results of flight tests of onboard radar stations

DOI 10.18127/j20700784–201811–03


A.M. Matveev - Ph.D. (Eng.), Chief of Complex Department, Scientific Center of Special Radio-electronic Systems and Management of the MAI
M.Yu. Rakitsky - Student, Faculty of Radio Electronic of Flight Vehicles, MAI, Technician of Software Laboratory, Scientific Center of Special Radio-electronic Systems and Management of the MAI

At present, the radar complex is assigned one of the leading roles in the composition of radio electronic equipment, installed on various types of aircraft veicles. It is required to provide competitive tactical and technical characteristics of radar systems. For this, in the process of debugging the product, it is necessary to conduct research, and then control tests, including the stage of in-flight experiments and parameters assessment for compliance with the technical specification. Therefore, the issue of processing the results of flight tests is quite acute.
Specialists of the SC SRM have proposed and developed a technological software for processing flight test results. This software is largely adapted to the set of different radars developed by the SC SRM, and under the established data protocol, which regulates radar control and reception of output radar information.

Functions performed by the software:
Download and process target information from * .dat files according to the protocol;
Loading and processing information on the results of the telemetry data collection from files in * .dat format;
Loading of navigation flight information;
Combining the output of the radar image frames with the parameters of the telemetry system in a single time scale of the two-window interface;
Generate the test results processing log file;
Printing of graphic, character and raster information.
The two-window interface of the program allows to simultaneously evaluate and compare several parameters to be examined, speeding up the analysis of the results.
The main stage of the work of this technological software is postprocessing. It based on the selected radar quality parameters, such as an estimation of resolving, power, noise level, other quality parameters, parameters related to the radar test in one of the operating modes.
The software is being cross-platform, can run in different operating systems (Linux, Windows). It has an open hierarchical structure, easy upgraded.

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