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Heterogeneous multicore system on chip with 512 Gflops peak performance

DOI 10.18127/j20729472-201803-08


A.L. Eisymont – Head of Sector, RC «Module» (Moscow)
V.M. Chernikov – Ph.D.(Eng.), Main Designer – Head of Department, RC «Module» (Moscow)
An.V. Chernikov – Head of Sector, RC «Module» (Moscow)
Al.V. Chernikov – Deputy Head of Department, RC «Module» (Moscow)
D.E. Kosorukov – Head of Department, RC «Module» (Moscow)
I.I. Nasonov – Head of Sector, RC «Module» (Moscow)
A.A. Komlev – Leading Engineer, RC «Module» (Moscow)

This article is devoted to questions and methods of implementing energy efficient heterogeneous and tolerant to memory latency system on chip (SoC) operating at 1 GHz frequency, with 512 Gflops peak performance and hierarchically organized internal memory. SoC contains sixteen NeuroMatrix NMC4 processor cores and five ARM Cortex-A5. The next step is to master the described architectural features in the software and users. The concepts of carrying out these works are compiled, detailed and under implementation.

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