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Configurable special VLSI – real basis for future exascale supercomputers (foreign and domestic experience)

DOI 10.18127/j20729472-201803-04


L.K. Eisymont – Ph.D.(Phys.-Math.), The Federal Register of Scientific and Technical Experts of the Russia Ministry of Education and Science (Moscow)

The direction of creation of problem-oriented specialized VLSI (POS-VLSI) as a variant of asymmetric replacement of the foreign ele-ment-component base (ECB) in domestic supercomputers and cloud servers of the highest performance range is considered. Confi-gurable POS-VLSI, in contrast to VLSI with direct hardware implementation of algorithms (non-configurable), have the ability to im-plement them by programming or reconfiguring their blocks. Some POS-VLSI have a weak or strong specialization. Strong specialization is most important, but it is difficult to do without waste of productivity and energy efficiency. This is a serious scientific and technical problem, the emerging options for its solution require careful study. In the world practice, the development of PIC-VLSI is also underway, Chinese developers have made special progress. In the world practice, the development of this type of POS-VLSI is also under way, Chinese developers have made special progress. Judging by the results achieved, this becomes a strategy for ECB devel-opment under threatening restrictions because of the approaching end of the development of CMOS technologies and the way ahead of the rival countries in the field of high technologies. The article systematizes and analyzes achievements in this field, compares it with domestic developments.

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