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Possibilities of mathematical non-linear dynamics method in veterinary laboratory diagnostics

DOI 10.18127/j15604136-201809-08


A.A. Oleshkevich - Dr.Sc. (Biol.), Professor, Department of Information Technologies, Mathematics and Physics, K.I. Skryabin Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology
A.M. Nosovskiy - Dr.Sc. (Biol.), Leading Research Scientist, State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation – Institute of Medical-Biological Problems of Russian Academy of Science
T.V. Ippolitova - Dr.Sc. (Biol.), Professor, Head of the Department of Physiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology,  K.I. Skryabin Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology

In vitro-comparative express assessment of the physiological state of the blood cells of diseased and healthy domestic animals (cats, dogs, horses) was performed. The characteristics of each cell were not determined separately. As an objective component of the analysis of cytomorphology of red and white blood cells, numerical values of fractal dimension were used. Data were obtained during in a given mode of automatic recognition using the «HarFA» software package.
The «HarFA» package converts the color image into black and white, which is a crucial factor for obtaining reliable fractal analysis results. While analyzing blood smears of healthy and sick animals the fractal dimension changed in BW, B + BW color combinations. The regularity in these changes is shown. Integral diagnostic index of the degree of influence of any factor (DIF) is inferred. In the blood smears of diseased and healthy animals DIF changed differently. Sometimes the directions of these changers were opposite.
The growth of the amplitude of the damped oscillation in the graphs of the change in the fractal dimension with continuous and discrete information-mode is observed with decreasing distance between the points of the phase space. When a distance between any points decreases, this may reflect a decrease in the degrees of freedom. The very form of the graph gives reason to expect that in the presented biological oscillatory system, the experiment will dramatically change the attenuation decrement in comparison with the control.
Fractal analysis makes it possible to determine by mathematical methods the presence of cell destruction, cellular structures, as well as changes in their density (vacuolization, chromatin decomposition, rarefaction). The calculation of the DIF before and after the ultrasonic exposure showed that the value of the index below 1.179 relative units indicates a change in the state of the biological object. Exceeding 1.250 rel. units – no impact. The advantage of fractal analysis before calculating a human leukogram is the inability to obtain different results depending on the location of the blood smear under the microscope.
The studies carried out are completely new. This is the current direction of veterinary medicine, which opens the prospect of creating digital methods of veterinary diagnostics.

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