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Analysis of modern approaches to research of information transcription at the cellular level


V.V. Kozirev – Post-graduate Student, Department «Philosophy» Bauman Moscow State Technical University; «Center of cross-disciplinary researches of musical creativity», P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory

With all the diversity and even the success of the achievements of natural science disciplines, until now, as a whole, one can not get close to solving the problem of thought processes and reasonable behavior, in particular. For the conceptual explanation of intercellular interaction and the discovery of the laws of the rational behavior of the organism, and even more so to identify the legitimate bases of thinking - the most effective and correct method, at this stage, is scientific analysis.
If we take as a basis the thesis of R. Dawkins that all living things evolve as a result of the "survival of replicating units", then, in our opinion, the very mode of implementing this principle is very important. Тhis principle is extremely important not only in the context of the reasonable behavior of living systems, but also in the question of "forms of realization," or "representational forms" or "manifestation" of living matter in the form in which it realizes itself in the surrounding space. Matter, which, as we see, in its essence is nothing but one of the definite forms of realizing the information contained in the DNA code. Information that realizes itself in strictly defined, pre-specified configurations or schemes for the realization of a certain sequence of functional organization of body cells, and, consequently, as a consequence of a certain, inherent in this type of living organisms, reasonable behavior. Or, inherent in this type of organisms behavioral schemes. That is, it is probably from the mode of realization of the principle of biological evolution that the appearance or forms of "living systems", and, accordingly, their internal structure or the state of their internal structures will depend, in accordance with the "cellular information dynamics" principle of the development of living things systems in a system of "interdependent rules / exceptions. The "mechanism" or the principle of objective interaction of information at the cellular level, identified and described here, in our opinion, will be useful in further research of the reasonable behavior of living organisms. What seems also true in the development of an understanding of the essence of consciousness when carrying out the activities of its structure or structures. Thus, in our opinion, the principle, discovered and described above (currently working, the principle of evolutionary development) of coding and decoding, recording and transcription of information at the cellular level is one of the most important conditions for the emergence, formation and implementation of reasonable behavior.

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May 29, 2020

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