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Measuring complex for the control of characteristic of output power amplifiers of X-band active phased ARRAY antennas


R.G. Tarasov – General Director of JSC «SPE «Factory «Iskra» (Ulyanovsk)
V.A. Sergeev – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, Head of Department «Radio Engineering, Opto- and Nanoelectronics», Ulyanovsk State Technical University; Director of Ulyanovsk branch of Kotel'nikov IRE of RAS

The key task in the conditions of mass production of Transmit/Receive modules (TRM) of Active Phased Array Antennas (APAA) of the X band – improvement of quality and percent of an exit of fit products. For ensuring quality of assembly most of the TRM responsible hub X band output power amplifiers (OPA) submodules from two GaAs monolithic integrated circuits (MIC) connected in parallel the quality control system including entrance control of components and materials, control and maintenance of conditions of production, the functional technological inspection and output control of products including complex control of electric and thermal characteristics is created at the plant. The structure is given and work of the automated measuring complex for measurement of electric parameters and control of thermal characteristics of OPA submodules of X band is described. The workplace for control of electric characteristics is constructed on the basis of the vector analyzer of chains PNA X. Infrared (IR) microscope of the OptoTherm tipe is applied to control of thermal characteristics of OPA submodules on output control. For a research of dependence of characteristics of OPA submodules on temperature the thermotable of the soldering station is used. The measuring complex introduced on output control allows to measure the key electric and power parameters of OPA submodules and also to control temperature fields of submodules.
Selective distributions of OPA submodules on power parameters have shown that the quality of OPA submodules is defined substantially by quality of the microwave transmission paths and quality of assembly, but not quality of MIC.
Decrease the output power of OPA at temperature increase from 20°C to 110°C makes 0,3−0,5 dBm (1,1−1,5 W) that decides by re-duction of coefficient of strengthening of MIC on growth of temperature. At a research by means of IR microscope of the temperature field of OPA submodules which haven't undergone output control according to electric characteristics, it has been established that various defects of assembly and passive chains of submodules are shown in local overheating of elements of submodules. At the same time up to 40% of the revealed defects it is possible to eliminate by correction of installation. On the basis of the received results the technique of diagnostic check of quality of submodules according to thermal characteristics is developed.

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May 29, 2020

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