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Approach and systemic-technical solutions for increased availability and high information capacity video wall systems construction


E.S. Agafonov – Main Specialist, FRC «Computer Science and Control» RAS (Moscow)
E.R. Korepanov – Ph.D.(Eng.), Head of Department, FRC «Computer Science and Control» RAS (Moscow)
V.S. Shorgin – Ph.D.(Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, FRC «Computer Science and Control» RAS (Moscow)

The article opens a thematic cycle devoted to the issues of modern and perspective high information capacity video wall systems rational construction. Software-based video controllers make it possible to take full advantage of the modern video equipment capacity due to the possibility of the control software improvement. The article considers the possibility of creating a video wall system based on software-coordinated video controllers in order to optimize the cost of the solution and increase its availability.

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