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An Improved Video Watermarking Algorithm Resilient to MPEG2 Compression Combined with Frame Attacks

R. Reyes-Reyes, C. Cruz-Ramos, M. Nakano-Miyatake and H. P?rez-Meana

A watermarking algorithm for digital video with a blind extraction scheme is proposed. The proposed algorithm embeds, visually recognizable, binary patterns such as the owner’s logotype in the DWT domain of some randomly selected video frames. To increase the security, the watermark data is transformed into a noise-like pattern by using a chaotic mixing method before the embedding process. The main advantage of proposed algorithm is its simplicity, blind detection scheme and robustness. Extensive simulations results show the watermark imperceptibility and robustness against several video degradations and other combined attacks provided by the proposed algorithm. These results also show that the extracted watermark data from watermarked video sequences using the proposed blind scheme is enough clear even after several attacks.
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May 29, 2020

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