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Method of the solution of the problem of synthesis of information training the systems of search and elimination of malfunctions in radio-electronic objects


L.E. Mistrov - Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, VUNTs Air Force «VVA», RGUP Central branch (Voronezh)
I.E. Vasilyeva - Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, VUNTs Air Force «VVA», RGUP Central branch (Voronezh)
O.A. Belotserkovskiy - Associate Professor, VUNTs Air Force «VVA», RGUP Central branch (Voronezh)

The paper is devoted to the problem of creation of intelligent information systems to be used in educational technologies, which include, in particular, the process of learning the optimal procedures of troubleshooting in electronic devices.
The expected efficiency of the introduction of information and training systems in this process is determined by the fact that modern electronic systems are rigidly structured objects built on the principles of multilevel, modularity and separation of functions, generating a combinatorial variety of options for the analysis of their faults.
Having set the task of finding the optimal variant of analysis in the conditions of material or time resources limitation on this variety, it is possible to apply the apparatus of mathematical programming and operations research to this problem and to get the best solution.
As an example, the paper considers the criterion of maximum efficiency of troubleshooting, determined by the probability of the trainee to find these faults, provided that some hypothesis about the level of its readiness is fulfilled. A limitation on the scope of the search decision is the decision-making time allocated for the search and elimination of malfunction.
The content analysis of the task, taking into account the structural properties of electronic equipment and methodological features of the learning process, led to the conclusion about the feasibility of using the method of branches and boundaries for its solution, convenient for interactive presentation of the learning process and the use of the hint mode during the analysis of the decision tree by the students.
The general structure of an information and training system is built with the possibility of flexible changes in the training method de-pending on the chosen method of solving the problem of fault finding and contains modules for analyzing the conditions of operation of the equipment, analysis of typical causes of faults, analysis and fault setting, system of fault finding techniques at hierarchical levels of the system, a library of search options, a dialogue point with the student and parametric links between modules.
As a result of this approach to the construction of information and training system, the latter acquires the ability to conduct a dialogue with the student, i.e. shows the properties of an intellectual system that operates in an interactive mode.
Testing of the proposed approach to the construction of the training system was carried out on the example of device with five levels of functional hierarchy and five options for troubleshooting at each level.
The solution tree generated during the test allows to demonstrate the procedure of selection of solutions that provide the maximum value of the criterion at the lowest possible time of troubleshooting that satisfies the directive.
The results confirm that the purpose of the research is achieved.

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