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Analytical dependences of average probability of distortion of bit of a M-QAM-signal at the arbitrary signal-to-noise ratio


K.Yu. Lozhkin – Ph.D.(Eng.), Dr.Sc.Candidate, Associate Professor, MESC «Zhukovsky–Gagarin Air Force Academy» (Voronezh)

Analytical dependences of average probability of distortion of bit of a M QAM-signal with constant parameters are received at the co-herent reception in the conditions of additive gaussian noise. On their basis the approximate formula of calculation of this probability which in comparison with the known formula at accuracy of calculation is not worse 5% is offered, allows to expand definition range of a signal-to-noise ratio not less than on 13 dB for most often meeting in practice of a radio service of values M = 16, 64, 256 and 1024.
Materials are stated on 9 pages, the bibliographic list contains 7 sources.

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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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