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Choice of the method of accumulation of spectral components of radio signals to improve the accuracy and reliability of direction finding location the sources of radio emissions


E.S. Artemova – Engineer, JSC «Concern «Sozvezdie» (Voronez)
M.P. Slichenko – Ph.D.(Phys.-Math.), Head of Sector, JSC «Concern «Sozvezdie» (Voronez)

Within the framework of the theory of statistical radio engineering the analysis of a solving rule of detection and estimation of a direction of arrival of a radio-wave by means of a multichannel monopulse detection-direction finder is carried out. Statistical simulation of linear and square-law ways of accumulation found out spectral a signal component is spent.
In the case of linear accumulation with same initial phases of the signal components of the spectral samples, a decrease in the resulting ratio of signal to noise. In the real conditions emission of radio waves, the condition for the equality of the initial phases in the general case break down. It leads to deterioration of indication of efficiency of the linear accumulation and in most cases determine its inexpediency at the solution of a determination of detection-direction-finding of radiowaves sources of the radio emission.
It is shown that accumulation of a selective matrix mutual energy spectral readout of a signal allows to raise the power relation a signal/noise (irrespective of a relator of levels spectral a component), and consequently accuracy and reliability direction finding location signals of sources of a radio emission.
Accumulation of a matrix of mutual energies provides for increase closeness and assurance direction finding. Research shown, due to the accumulation of the matrix of mutual energies, the probability of anomalous and dispersion of normal direction finding errors is reduced. The obtain results are valid for a direction finding detector with an arbitrary configuration and directional characteristics of the receiving elements of the antenna’s systems detection-direction finder.
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