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Prestige of the profession on estimations of senior pupils


A.N. Korolkov – Ph.D.(Eng.), Associate Professor, Moscow City Pedagogical University
A.P. Strizhak – Dr.Sc.(Pedagogic), Professor, Moscow City Pedagogical University
I.V. Kulkova – Ph.D.(Pedagogic), Associate Professor, Moscow City Pedagogical University
O.V. Langueva – Student, Moscow City Pedagogical University

As a result of the analysis of the data of popular Internet sites on training and employment revealed a list of prestigious professions. The list is supplemented by a number of traditional professions with low prestige. On the basis of the developed questionnaire conducted a survey of high school students in one of the Moscow school and the Moscow region. On the basis of statistical systematization of the survey data, the classification of professions is given, a comparative assessment of their prestige is given according to the estimates of current school graduates. As an example, the article considers the profession of teacher of physical culture as a basic subject of a comprehensive school from 1 to 11 classes, which is entrusted with the task of forming the foundations of physical education, the development and improvement of motor and functional qualities, the formation of a healthy lifestyle among the younger generation. As a result of the cluster analysis of assessments of the prestige of the professions, it is established that the teacher of physical education falls into a cluster of professions that do not require explicit manifestations of intensive intellectual activity and creativity.

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