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Regression processing of signals in the direction finder with phased array antenna


V.K. Khokhlov – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, Department «Autonomous information and operating systems»,
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
S.M. Ghazaryan – Ph.D.(Eng.), Associate Professor, Department «Autonomous information and operating systems», Bauman Moscow State Technical University
A.K. Likhoedenko – Engineer, Bauman Moscow State Technical University; Student, HSE (Moscow)

In this paper, the algorithm for the formation of the phased array antenna directional pattern in the direction finder of localized objects against the background of distributed in space interference based on the regression time method of signal processing from the outputs of the phased array antenna is considered, allowing to suppress side lobes in the directional diagram of the direction finder.
To solve the problem with the given assumptions, the cross-correlation coefficients of the signals at the channel outputs of an equidistant linear phased array antenna are investigated when working with a localized object against the background of interference. It is shown that the cross-correlation coefficients of the signals at the outputs of the channels of phased array antenna with signal-to-noise ratio of power greater than 10 and the antenna aperture up to 20 wavelengths depend little on the distance between the receiving elements, and the coefficients are more than 0.95.
To substantiate the parameters of the regression algorithm, the regression statistical characteristics of the signals are considered under the given assumptions.
The coefficients of multiple regression at high values of the cross-correlation coefficients of signals in phased array antenna are subs-tantiated. The temporal regression algorithm for signal processing in the phased array antenna is justified for a given decision interval. The structural diagram of the system that implements the proposed signal processing algorithm is given. Based on the mathematical models of signals and interference, the dependencies were obtained, the statistical simulation of the phased array antenna directional pattern in the scanning mode was carried out, and the estimates of the directional pattern parameters for different signal-to-noise ratios and the parameter of the regression algorithm were obtained.
It is shown that the system with regression signal processing has better directional functions in comparison with the system with linear processing: the main maximum of the directional pattern is narrower, and the side lobes are completely suppressed. When implementing the signal processing path in real time, the system with regression processing is slightly more complicated than the system with linear processing. With digital regression processing of signals, in comparison with spectral processing, there is no need to apply discrete Fourier transforms.
The considered version of signal processing path construction can be used, for example, in hydroacoustic systems when searching for low-contrast objects against the background of the seabed, in radar systems with digital signal processing to help the motor vehicle drivers on the roads.

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May 29, 2020

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