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Assessment of the masking properties of broadband signals


А.М. Lawret’ev – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Head of Department of Radio Systems, Yaroslavl Higher Military School of Air Defense
N.N. Litvinov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Lecturer of Department Automatics and Computers Systems, Yaroslavl Higher Military School of Air Defense

Progress in development of technologies of modern radio electronics leads to fast extension of the nomenclature of the signals. These signals are used at various radio engineering systems, including various radars. Wideband signals belong to such signals. These signals have a number of advantages: high noise stability, unambiguous determination of distance, etc. Maybe there will be a situation when several radars using similar signals are functioning on the limited area: in the water area of seaports, on any testing grounds, etc. Means of radio engineering control can be applied to prevention of violation of safety of functioning of these radars in such conditions. There is a probability of simultaneous arrival of the signals from various radars on the receiver of the station of radio engineering control. It will lead to obtaining false information. It is caused by the fact that at simultaneous arrival of signals on the equipment of a similar type her functioning will become complicated.
Therefore the purpose of work consists in assessment of joint impact of several wideband signals on the receiver of radio engineering control – in assessment of the masking properties of such signals. Signals will sum up at joint arrival on an entrance of the radio en-gineering control station. Relatively each other, in a time domain the analyzed signals can be considered as the pulse noise. In frequency area such signals because of width of a range can be carried to the masking hindrances. Therefore, the additive alarm sequence is a hindrance for the receiver of the station of radio engineering monitoring. In work entropy indicators were used. The received results reflect values of level of uncertainty, for all possible provisions of impulses in time at forming additive alarm mix. Change of value of uncertainty for mix of radio signals with casual (distributed under the normal law) arrangement them in time rela-tively each other is analyzed.
The signals bringing the greatest uncertainty at additive imposing on other signals are established. It is shown that the techniques of assessment of influence of hindrances can be used at assessment of structural secretiveness of the additive alarm sequences.

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