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The use of temporal gain adjustment techniques to reduce the requirements for the dynamic range of receive channels in a multi-beam radar when detecting small aerial targets


I.K. Antonov – Ph.D.(Eng.), Director for IT, «Tour Operator «Biblio Globus» (Moscow)
M.S. Ogorodnikov – Research Scientist, LCC «BG-Optics» (Moscow)
S.A. Chernov – Ph.D.(Eng.), Deputy General Director of LCC «BG-Optics» (Moscow)

A method for reducing the minimum detection range for a small-sized target in a multi-beam security radar based on the use of a temporary gain control is considered. The variant of the radar is analyzed, when a multi-beam receiving radiation pattern is generated in the calculator. In this case, each of the receiving channels generates a large difference between the signal power from the small-sized target and the power of the interference reflections. Unprotected transmission of such a mixture of signals to the calculator requires a wide dynamic range of receiver and analog-to-digital converter.
The simulation method shows that the range of signal amplitudes at the input of the receiving path can reach 120 dB or more. The use of time gain control allows to reduce this range to 80 … 40 dB, which reduces the length of the «blind zone» of the radar - the minimum range at which the target is detected - up to 300 … 500 m.

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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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