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Electrodynamic analysis of a microstrip structure based on chiral metamaterials with two radiators


V.Yu. Aronov – Ph.D.(Eng.), Head of Department of Information Technologies, Scientific and Technical Radio System Center, JSC «Concern «Avtomatika» (Moscow)
D.S. Klyuev – Dr.Sc.(Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, Head of Department of Radio Electronic Systems, Volga State University of Telecommunications and Informatics (Samara)
D.A. Kopylov – Main Engineer, Scientific and Technical Radio System Center, JSC «Concern «Avtomatika» (Moscow)
A.M. Neshcheret – Ph.D.(Phys.-Math.), Leading Research Scientist, Scientific and Technical Radio System Center, JSC «Concern «Avtomatika» (Moscow)

In connection with the development of technologies and the development of new frequency bands, the issues of improving the quality of service, as well as ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in mobile radio systems are currently quite acute.
The analysis of the literature showed that one of the technologies that allow to reduce the mutual influence between closely spaced radiators, thereby increasing the capacity in systems with MIMO, as well as improve the situation in the framework of EMC, is the use of artificial composite structures - metamaterials.
The use of foreign software complexes for the electrodynamic modeling of such structures is associated with a number of difficulties, which, in turn, lead to an unreliable result.
In this regard, for the analysis of structures based on metamaterials, an approach was proposed that was associated with the production of a system of singular integral field representations, created by several, in particular, two parallel emitters. A system of singular integral equations (SIE) for a given structure with respect to unknown current densities was also obtained. In addition, the article gives a general view of the method of solving the obtained system of SIE.

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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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