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Modeling of the thermodynamic stability of the bimetallic nanocluster particles CuAu


E.A. Kartavykh ‒ Research Scientist, Khakas State University named after N.F. Katanova (Abakan, Russia)
V.A. Cura ‒ Research Scientist, Khakas State University named after N.F. Katanova (Abakan, Russia)
V.S. Beidyshev ‒ Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor,  Khakas State University named after N.F. Katanova (Abakan, Russia)

The properties of bimetallic nanoclusters CuAu particles under thermal influence have been studied by methods of molecular-dynamic modeling. It is shown that the alloying of Cu nanoclusters by Au atoms allows to control the emerging structure of nanoparticles and the value of their melting point. In the case of small metal clusters Cu and Au, it is possible to form clusters with a fivefold symmetry in nanosystems. The structural transition of CuAu nanoclusters into the icosahedral phase with increasing melting point as a linear function of increasing concentration is established. The cluster phase remains stable and has a linear decrease in the melting temperature with an increase in the concentration of gold atoms.

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May 29, 2020

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