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Development of Software System for Restoration of Mimic Activity of Patients with Aphasia

DOI 10.18127/j15604136-201805-01


A.A. Polishchuk - Bauman MSTU, Russia 

I.A. Apollonova 0 Bauman MSTU, Russia


According to the Federal Statistical Agency of the Russian Federation for the 2015 year, the most common diseases are: diseases of the nervous system (2 257 cases per 113 927) and traumatism (13 235 cases per 113 927 people) [1]. In the USA, each year more than 700 000 people come through a stroke and 85 % of them suffer from aphasia. The number of diseased people will be doubled by 2020 year [2]. Thus, it is arguable that aphasia is a common disease. Aphasia is a systemic speech disorder that covers the different levels of speech organization [3]. The causations of disease are stroke, encephalitis, neurosurgical intervention, a chronic dysfunction of the central nervous system, etc. The principal symptoms: chaotic re-arrangement of syllables and sounds; violation of memorizing the names of objects, etc. The development of the software system (SS) for restoration of mimic activity of patients with aphasia will significantly reduce the doctor’s workload, will increase the patient capacity in hospitals, will allow the patient to perform independently certain exercises.

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