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Formation of directional diagrams of phased array antenna in a two-channel direction finder of localized sources of broadband radiation


V.K. Khokhlov – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, Department «Autonomous information and operating systems», Bauman Moscow State Technical University
A.K. Likhoedenko – Student, HSE (Moscow)

The article substantiates the algorithm functions orientation phased antenna arrays (PAA) of dual-channel direction finder localized sources of broadband radiation, based on the multiplicative spectral processing of signals in the channels of the direction finder that allows you to suppress the side lobes in the direction diagram is developed.
To solve this task shows the relationship of the considered methods of the formation of directional diagrams (DD) with the methods used in the study PAA, working on the same wavelength. The obtained dependencies for the normalized multiplier lattice, i.e. DD, in line equidistant PAA with additive signal processing, from which it follows that DD is determined by the interference of cosines in all sets of relationships to the grid step to the wavelength of acceptable oscillation.
It is shown that under multiplicative processing is possible to calculate all the necessary sets of cosines present in the expression for the multiplier lattice, by pairwise multiplication of the signals from the output channel and averaging the results of the multiplication on the interval decision. It is shown that in the DD PAA with multiplicative signal processing compared DD PAA with additive signal processing completely suppressed side lobes.
In systems with a wideband input (for example, the acoustic. sonar and seismic) with dual element AR using estimates of the spectral density of the process at the inputs receiving antennas and argument of the reciprocal spectral density it is possible to formulate the function of the orientation of PAA with completely suppressed side lobes and the scan of the main maximum beam synthesized PAA.
The obtained expressions NAM formed PAA can be used to study the phenomenological models of objects and reverberation phenomena on the basis of the signals received in the natural environment, and the justification of the frequency characteristics of paths direction finders with spectral signal processing to solve problems bearing localized sources of radiation on the background distributed in the space of interference.

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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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