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Parametric synthesis of amplitude-phase modulators for options of connection of matching integrated four-pole devices between non-linear element with various types of external feed-back and loading


А.А. Golovkov – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, MTSC Air Forces «MAA named professor N.E. Zhukovsky and Y.A. Gagarin» (Voronezh)
V.А. Golovkov - Design Engineer, Воронежское конструкторское бюро антенно-фидерных устройств
N.А. Druzhinina – Electronics, MTSC Air Forces «MAA named professor N.E. Zhukovsky and Y.A. Gagarin» (Voronezh)

There was defined set of relationships between elements of classical matrix for transfer of integrated, connected before loading four-pole devices, to be optimal by the criterion to provide the specified relations and phase differences of amplitude-phase modulator transfer functions in two states of non-linear element specified by two levels of low-frequency control signal amplitude taking into account parallel and serial by voltage and current feedback circuits. It was shown that the resultant relationships physically mean requirements to provide the specified values of input conductance for integrated four-pole devices. Based on application of these relationships, there were obtained optimal by the selected criterion impedance-versus-frequency dependences of integrated two-terminals within standard for-pole networks and mathematical models of quasi-optimal two-terminals to provide implementation of optimal frequency characteristics in a limited bandwidth. The comparative analysis of the theoretical results obtained on the basis of use of the developed mathematical modulator models in the MathCad system and the experimental results obtained by general-circuit simulation in the OrCad and MicroCap systems proved their satisfactory coincidence.

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