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Investigation of characteristics of a single-ridged slotted waveguide antenna


A. O. Pelevin – Post-graduate Student, Southern Federal University; Head of Group, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “General Radio Frequency Center”
V. V. Zemlyakov – Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Southern Federal University
G. F. Zargano – Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Head of Department, Southern Federal University

Computer simulation of air-filled single-ridged slotted waveguide antenna arrays has been performed. For the single-ridged waveguide with cross section of 16 x 8 mm all combinations of width and height of the ridge have been found which give the dominant mode cut-off frequency exactly the same as for a rectangular 23 x 10 mm waveguide. For both a single slot and a slot array it has been shown that for small offset of a slot from the waveguide centerline the ridged array has an advantage over rectangular one in realized gain. For specific 20-slot travelling-wave antenna array with alternating offsets of slots it has been found that ridged array has larger (times 1,5) efficiency, and 2 dB higher realized gain as compared to rectangular counterpart, with antenna patterns being quite similar. Thus it can be concluded that waveguide ridging makes it possible to place a slot quite close to the waveguide centerline while improving gain and efficiency of the resulting antenna, and to get more compact antenna design as well.

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