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The shortened vibrator antenna for meter and decameter wavelength ranges


M.A. Laptev – Post-graduate Student, Engineer, SDB IRE RAS
B.V. Chernishev  Engineer, SDB IRE RAS

A method for matching antennas using a two-link Chebyshev bandpass filter is considered. The results of the calculation of the matching circuits with the use of the Chebyshev bandpass filter are presented, and the graphs of AFC and S11 as a function of frequency are ob-tained. The results of full-scale measurements of the model of a shortened vibrator antenna are presented. A comparison of the results of field measurements with the calculated data is made. It is shown that matching a shortened vibrator antenna, using a two-link Cheby-shev bandpass filter, provides a wide working band of about 30% with a VSWR not worse than 2.

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