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High-speed composite microactuator based on alloy with shape memory effect


P.V. Lega - Engineer, V.A. Kotel’nikov IRE RAS (Moscow)
V.V. Koledov – Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), V.A. Kotel’nikov IRE RAS (Moscow)
D.S. Kuchin - Junior Research Scientist, V.A. Kotel’nikov IRE RAS (Moscow)
A.P. Orlov - Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Senior Research Scientist, V.A. Kotel’nikov IRE RAS (Moscow)

A composite actuator based on a rapidly quenched Ti2NiCu alloy with shape memory effect (SME) was studied and the activation speed was studied under the influence of electric current pulses passed through it. The dimensions of the microactuator are
15x2x1 μm, the bending deformation amplitude when feeding an electric current of 5-15 mA is not less than 1 μm. The experiment was carried out in a scanning electron microscope and showed that the complete actuation of the actuator is observed at frequencies not less than 1 kHz. A partial actuation of the actuator was observed at frequencies up to 8 kHz. The effect of self-oscillations of mechanical oscillations is also demonstrated when the microelectrode touches the microactuator at frequencies above 100 kHz.

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