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Equipment for heart rate variability analysis


V.V. Khrenkova - Ph.D. (Biol.), Associate Professor, FSBEI HE RSMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Rostov-on-don)
L.V. Abakumova - Ph.D. (Biol.), Associate Professor FSBEI HE RSMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Rostov-on-don)
G.S. Gafiyatullina - Dr.Sc. (Med.), Professor, FSBEI HE RSMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Rostov-on-don)

The aim of the research was to study under the conditions of clinostasis and orthostasis the indicators of heart rate variability of foreign students that reflect the functional reserves of the body regulatory systems. The survey was attended by 68 foreign students (36 girls and 32 boys) from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. After analyzing electrocardiogram registered in the state of the relative functional rest, the following types of heart contractions were identified: 75% of girls and 94% of boys had the normocardia, the rest had sinus tachycardia (14% of girls and 6% of boys) and sinus bradycardia (11% of girls). When assessing regulatory influences on cardiac rhythm on its spectral components, it turned out that only 44.4% of girls and 46.7% of boys has the contribution of HF in TP that correspond to the functional status for rest. The other representatives turned out to have tension or overtension of regulatory mechanisms, low level of functionality, according to the results compared to standards, LFnorm and VLFnorm. The most of the violations of heart rhythm regulation mechanism came out with active orthostatic test. With the adequate dynamics of RR-intervals a significant number of surveyed turned out to have atypical change of other statistical and geometrical figures: the increase of mean-square deviation of RR-intervals – 50% of females and 47.8% of males; the reduced mode amplitude of RR-intervals – 33.3% and 34.4%, respectively; the increase in RR-intervals range – 50% of girls and 37.5% of boys and decreasing SI – 41.7% and 18.9%, respectively. In addition, against the background of the declining contribution of HF to the TP of the majority of surveyed (94% of girls and 78.1% of boys), it turned out that the proportion of LF reduced (30.6% of girls and 40.6% of boys) and the proportion of VLF significantly increased (91.7 % of girls and 93.7% of boys). All the surveyed had the increased centralization index, the majority (72.2% of girls and 62.5% of boys) had it twofold or more. Thus, the research has shown that the physiological adaptation of foreign students to the new conditions of life is provided by the tension of the body regulatory systems and reduced or low level of functionality.

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May 29, 2020

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