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Radiowave ecological factors. Part I. Radiowave nature of drugs and homeopathic preparations


V.I. Petrosyan - Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Leading Research Scientist, TELEMAK Scientific And Production Firm (Saratov)
G.E. Brill - Dr. Sc. (Med.), Professor, Department of Pathological Physiology n.a. A.A. Bogomolets, Saratov State Medical University n.a. V.I. Razumovsky, Academician of the World Academy Biomedical Technologies (WABT, Unesco)

In the Year of Ecology, attention should be paid to new approaches to assessing the influence of radiowave nature on human and animal organisms. Nature is dualistic. In living nature, two principles of the life-support system are used: biochemical and electromagnetic (EM) information-wave. They correspond in medicine – allopathic and radio wave – "information" [1-4]. In this paper, the manifestation of radio wave factors in biomedicine at the level of ultra-small values is demonstrated and radio electronic devices and methods for their detection and application are offered. The carrier of the wave nature is the aqueous medium in vitro & in vivo due to its unique property – EM resonance-wave state, which became known only in the 90s [4]. Due to the resonance-wave state, aqueous solutions of drugs inherit and transmit their real and resonance-wave properties, simultaneously participating in the healing process. Following the principle of "Treat the opposite", drugs cause direct biochemical and wave resistance to the disease.
Thus, drugs have a dual biological effect on the body: material and radio wave. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate both types of effects, considering that unwanted "side" reactions can also be caused by undetected pathological resonances of the radio wave component of the preparations, for example, carcinogenic. To clarify the nature of the effect on the structural and resonance-wave state of the aqueous component of the biomedium, 1-2% aqueous solutions of antagonist drugs – anesthetics: nembutal, oxybutyrate, urethane and stimulants: caffeine and bemegrid, were selected, the studies were conducted on white mongrel Mice [4, 5]. In addition to the removal of spectra, the behavior of animals was monitored by the time of retention afloat in the aquarium and on a rotating cylinder. Also, studies were made of the corrective effect on the state of animals with low-intensity power density 1 mkW / sm2 resonant radio waves ЕHF: 50.3; 51.8; 65 GHz and SHF: 1 GHz. Based on the results of conducted studies of the wave action on the aquatic environment and the functional state of the animals of white mongrel mice drug-antagonist drugs and stimulants, the following general conclusions can be formulated: 1. drugs have a wave component; 2. the direction of action of the wave component is identical to the pharmacological action of the drug; 3. The identity of the wave action of the preparation on the aquatic and biological environment indicates a single primary target ystviya – aqueous medium 4. low-intensity radio waves have a resonance tread and corrective effects – the drug effect is weakened, and the effect of stimulants is increasing.
Thus, the impact on the body of drugs, stimulants and resonance-wave EM radiation has a single resonance-wave nature, which determines the correlation between radio wave and physiological activity, depending on the properties of the drug. At the heart of homeopathy are two fundamental innovations: the principle of "treating like like" and the principle of high dilutions. As a result of removal of the real component from the solution of the parent drug with a pathological symptom, the effect of the drug becomes purely "information-radio wave" with the therapeutic wave principle "Treat the opposite" [6-8]. With the transition of homeopathy to the radio wave mechanism of therapy, the homeopathic preparation adds to the resonance-wave state of the organism an aqua-wave analogue of the disease symptom – a pathological radiofrequency spectrum of frequencies, which, as a "wave inoculation", causes an additional radioactive counter-reaction to the natural biological defense. We must pay tribute to Samuel Hahnemann's intuition, which founded "wave" homeopathy in the early XIX century. The effect of homeopreparation on the mental state of the female patient in the initial normal state was investigated by the method of the topography of the topography (TRF) [7]. The soothing agent "Uspokoy" of the firm "PF" Materia Medica "» C 200 was used, the composition: Zinc Valerianate, Chilibuha, and Ignition. The wave activity of the frontal lobes of the cerebral hemispheres was controlled by the intensity of the radio wave radiation, an adequate activity of the cellular metabolism [9]. Histograms show the targeted effect of the soothing drug on the right hemisphere, while the left hemisphere remains unaffected. Specific differences in the effect of homeopreparation on the hemisphere of the brain are in accordance with their functional distribution on the emotional (right) and logical (left). This demonstrates the wave nature of the action of homeopreparation. It also follows from the histograms that the "soothing" effect of the drug does not occur instantaneously, but after 0.5 min with an incubation period (15 sec) and the subsequent opposite reaction of the brain – a sharp excitement (15 sec), after which the hemisphere plunges into deep peace. The mechanism of transmission of "information" homeopreparation when diluted is in the resonant-radio wave memory of water, which is transmitted during "drop" dilution. The dynamic fractal-cluster structure of water possesses the property of "mimicry" – information-wave copying and preservation of the memory of prehistory [10, 11]. Thus, the resonance-wave state of the initial solution of the homeopreparation is transmitted and its "wave portrait" is constantly reproduced with each dilution. In confirmation of the hypothesis about the radio wave mechanism of the drug's action, EHF spectra were taken from aqueous solutions of a number of homeopreparations: Sep30, Apis30, Rus30, and one type of different dilutions, Sep6, Sep30, Sep200 [8], of the same dilution type. The spectra show that homeopreparations have individual spectra.
Thus, it has been shown experimentally that the mechanism of action of homeopathy consists in the transfer and excitation in the body of the symptom radio wave spectrum of a disease that activates the protective radiation of its own resonant radio waves that compensate for the resonances of the introduced "wave infection".
General conclusions: 1. The real presence in the medicinal and homeopathic remedies of the extremely low-intensity resonant radio wave component of the therapeutic effect is shown experimentally and theoretically. 2. Resonance-wave ideology, radiophysical methods and radio-electronic analytical equipment can become a scientifically grounded base of pharmacology, allopathic and ho-meopathic medicine.

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