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High-precision navigation support for orbital users by signals GLONASS


K.V. Kislenko - deputy head of department, branch «PNBS» JSC «RPC «PSI» (Korolev, Moscow Region)

The increased requirements for the accuracy of navigation support of the created and perspective space systems and com-plexes, mainly remote sensing of Earth, brought the issues of introduction of navigational tasks solution technology based on the use of global navigation satellite systems.
It is noted that the technology of high-precision navigation support of spacecraft significantly more complicated schemas used for ground stationary and mobile consumers, and requires the implementation of high-precision mathematical model of orbital object motion.
Development of GLONASS system provided the potential for realization of high-precision navigation technologies of space objects on signals of domestic navigation system. The results obtained from studies using samples flown data GLONASS navigation equipment, confirmed the possibility of solving tasks navigation precision orbital objects with centimetric level of positioning accuracy. This requires the use of navigation equipment of a geodesic class capable to function in the conditions of orbiting flight, precision ephemerid-time information of navigation satellites and orbital orientation object settings.

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